Thursday, June 4, 2009


Do you remember back that far? Do you remember those feelings that you had? Do you remember the excitement and anticipation? The eagerness for change? The love of friends? The joy of family? The feeling of accomplishment? The spirit of completion?

My little sissy is all grown up-well almost. It seems like yesterday that I became a big sister, it was something that I had always wanted. Me being the youngest for 12 years just never felt right, someone was missing. It was MY Chalese. The love that I had for my sister grew and grew. And as we grew, though we were ages apart, we became the best of friends.

It is hard to believe that she is so much younger than me, at least when we are together. When she is with young people her age, it is completely a different story. I am grateful for the bond that we have.

She will graduate tonight. She will take those final steps in this portion of her life. No longer the child, the student. She will become as her other siblings, a West Jordan High School Graduate. The Class of 2009 never saw a more beautiful soul.

On this day, here is to you Chalese. The best of luck in all of your endeavors.

We love you!

P.S. Until you get a job, do you want to tend my kids?

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