Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Snow in Summer

Having my sister in town has been fun. Yesterday we took our kids up Big Cottonwood Canyon for a picnic. We chose Silver Lake as our destination. It has an nice path/boardwalk all the way around the lake. Which means, Bob gets to come! If I don't have my pack horse (Jed) I am always more reluctant to take the backpack. Besides, Bob can pack a lot more junk-love it!

We stopped for Subway on our way. I had planned to pack a nice 'homemade' lunch, but...Chase had a rough morning.

It was forecasted to be a gorgeous day. We arrived at about 10 am. It was a little bit chilly on arrival, definitely jacket weather. But as we started the walk around the lake, everything warmed up. It was about 66 degrees and sunny with a light breeze-perfect.

The kids had a great time walking around the lake. They loved climbing on the rocks, looking for ducks, playing in the snow (yes there was still a bit), walking on fallen trees, finding dead fish, and searching for beavers.

After our walk, we headed for the picnic area for lunch. I had flashbacks of Zion. Attack of the killer chipmunks!

Nothing had gone wrong with Bayli up to this point. I guess that is why a bird decided to poop on her-just guessing. She has the worst luck lately.

After lunch the kids climbed on the rocks some more before we headed home.

A Beautiful View

Our Guide

Bayli being...Bayli

Snack Time!

Bayli, Natasha, & Alissa

What's Atherley Crack Ups without a little crack from Bay?

Alissa, Easton, & Bayli

Looking for ducks and fish.

A little snow fun.

Chalese & Bayli climbing the tree

Such Cute Girls

Chalese, Bayli, Easton, & Natasha

Natasha & Alissa

BOB-my love!!!

Bayli, Easton, Alissa, & Natasha
Natasha was great at striking a hiphop pose.


  1. i can't keep up with all of the activities that you guys do! How fun I am glad your sister is in town have some more fun!

  2. I agree with the poster above... you do SO much fun stuff! And I'm happy to know who BOB is. That IS one awesome stroller!!


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