Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Zoo Is...

My sister Jerri is visiting with her kiddos (can you hear the CHEERS OF JOY!!!?)
She lives in Texas, too far away.
Imagine this: driving 20 hours, alone with three kids -AHHHHH!!!
But really, my sister is one of the most patient people I know. Also, she would give the shirt off her back to anyone. That mentioned, I still bet the above mentioned 'imagine' was a bad nightmare. At least her youngest is six (I would think that should be better).
Jerri, Easton (11), Natasha (7), and Alissa (6) arrived last Thursday night.
The few days that we have been able to spend with them have been...busy for the kids. All that her kids want to do is stay at Grandma's and play-I don't blame them after being in a car that long. But, they are on vacation and there are way too many things to do and people to visit.

Her poor kids were tortured (by this I mean they had to get back in the car) the morning after they arrived.
We decided to take a trip to Hogle Zoo-one of Bayli's faves.
So with Chase screaming, Natasha pouting, and a car full of squished kids we were off. We took my nephew Jaren along to hang with Easton.
The kids warmed up to the fun of the zoo, mostly, minutes into the arrival. They were eager to see all of the animals, ride on the carousel, ride on the train, play at the park, and visit the gift shop. (Side note: this was THE LONGEST time that I have ever spent at the zoo!)
Having a pass makes our visits perfect, short and sweet. Normally we make it a fast visit in the Bob, play in the park, and pick one of the rides. We never go to the shops. Bayli takes her stuffed zebra to make her feel one with the zoo (we forgot it this trip). An average trip for us is just over an hour. This trip was about four hours-PAINFUL!
By the time we got back to the car, Chase was way past needing a nap (more screams on the way home). Not to mention, the other kids were beat. Good thing they got to stop at the gift shop, they weren't screaming as much.

I love the pic with Bayli and "the scary Gorilla." What a painful moment-for her.

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  1. This SO described what the zoo was like for us when we had our annual pass. We went ALL the time and LOVED it, but our trip usually only lasted 60-90 minutes. Whenever anyone would come with us, they usually didn't have a pass, so they'd want to stop and see everything. It was torturous for my kids. They wanted to just do our quick usually loop and then play at the playground for 30 minutes. I feel your pain!


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