Thursday, June 25, 2009

little scrapper

he is done eating.
he starts to throw his food on the floor.
he screams.
he shouts, "nanananana!!!!"

i take him out of the chair (no more sane restraint).
we wash. first hands, then face.
we dry.

i set him on the ground.

a personal thought: "should i clean the chair now or later?"

i decide on later.

i put the leftovers away, and begin to clean the kitchen.

he walks around the corner.
he smiles at me.
he holds out his hand.
he has found a treasure to give to me.

i take it and say "thank-you for cleaning up."

he races back around the corner.

this time i follow.

he reaches his chubby little hand into the chair, bending his head so as not to bump it.
he flashes another smile.
he finds another treasure.
is it for me?
he pops it into his mouth, "num num!"

i clean the chair.

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