Thursday, July 30, 2009

celebrating utah

we finally took a camping trip with the dixon family (well part of it).
destination...the uintas & whitney reservoir.
let me say aMaZiNg!!! it was beautiful & we had a blast.

there were atv trails everywhere & they led to some of the most breath taking views of utah's mountain valleys.
there were also fish to be caught-at least by bayli. she has the touch.

we saw deer, elk, moose, squirrels, birds, a toad, dogs, dogs, & more dogs.
did i mention that we saw dogs?

there was some quail open dog hunting/retrieving retreat. men (& women) showing off their four legged friends in complete hunters bliss (the massacre of quail & duck-they will get their revenge). is that even considered a sport?
pretty much complete chaos. we were totally annoyed by the constant blare of shot guns, whistles, & yes dogs. at least we had the chatter of bayli & her cousin collin to drown out the background noise. and when the show ended, complete bliss. until the next day when the hounds were hauled in again.

chase loved playing in the dirt. packing around sticks. eating sticks. eating pine cones. climbing rocks. riding on the vroom vroom. climbing into the campers. pretty much being outside.

the mosquitos loved bayli & i. our bodies are covered with evidence. you would think that the rest of the family would be effected the same (we are in the same gene pool) but whatever.

we can't wait to go again!

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  1. Love the frog picture!!

    It looks so beautiful there! Maybe we'll have to go with you sometime!


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