Monday, July 13, 2009

mending hearts?

so the void in jed's heart that was taken with the loss of peo, may have a mend.
yes, we know, and we have said it ourselves, peo was irreplacable. but, we miss the presence of that little creature so much. plus, we needed a new occupant in the awesome garage/apartment. really, it is an amazing space- cat door and all. it once graced the presence of feline femininity, with an extra dose of human masculinity. now, we hope it will become the awesome bachelor pad-not for jed, for our new tennant.
that's right peeps, we have a boy!
jed was looking on ksl, and found this little guy, who had a pretty good story and a great health history. oh yeah, and he badly needed a good home. no, he won't be gracing the females in the hood with his hansomeness, he is already neutered.
little boy kitty (name unofficial) is 11 wks old, FLV and FIV free, neutered, had his first shots, and loves kiddos. it was meant to be-we think.

now for a name? bayli has been calling him tank, after jed's hero on surf's up. she has also been calling him cody, also on their fave movie. no decisions have been made just yet, we are still figuring out the little guys personality.
he does hide really well, after bay has exhausted him with play time.
any suggestions for names will be mulled over by all parties.
come on all of you out there, get your creativity on and name that kitty!


  1. Jed Junior. You can call him Junior for short. Actually the name Jed is a lot shorter. So maybe you should call him Jed for short. Or JJ.

  2. Congrats! I will have to make a trip over to see your new know...since I've officially been invited by Bayli!

  3. Sorry to hear about your little peo but your new addition is cute! I think you should call him PJ (Peo Junior).


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