Monday, July 6, 2009

independence memoir

after a long drive home from our holiday
mom gets to
dad takes the kids to grandmas for fountains and sparklers.
the boy is fearless and wants to touch everything.
mom watches beautiful showy lights from nine floors up, the valley is lit up.
mom's show is precise, 10 pm on the nose.
dad takes bob and the kids to see showy lights at the park.
bayli says, "last time we did this i puked on mom."
waiting...chirp chirp chirp.
kids grow restless, sleepy.
dad is getting impatient, irritable.
more waiting...more chirps.
boy falls asleep, boy wakes up.
yes we are still waiting.
11 pm...HALLELUJAH, the choir rejoices!!!
the show begins.
the boy watches in amazement, mostly.
dad takes exhausted kids home.

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