Monday, July 6, 2009

lets take a holiday

to celebrate our day of independence (also known as paid holiday), our little family took a trip to some of our countries beautiful mountains.

after much discussion, and very little planning (like 2 days notice), our destination was potter's ponds.

the ponds are set in the heart of joe's valley (down past fairview). yeah, i had never been there either-existence unknown. but really, it was the perfect destination. it sits about 9000 feet above sea level. cold this time of year...perfect!

fishing. leisure riding. site seeing. trail meandering. wildlife searching. mud hopping. creek jumping (or falling). campfire cooking. tree sorrowing. deet spraying. badger fearing. star wishing. no rain praying. toad catching. insect identifying. deer calling. chase-ing. chase-ing. chase-ing. were among the many fun activities we undertook.

bayli catching the big one.

bay had a totally different view when it was time to gut the fish.


  1. How fun! Rob said you guys had a good time! I loved the line Bayli said about Jesus not wanting fish to be gutted.

  2. I love Joe's Valley! Glad you guys had a good time there.


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