Sunday, August 16, 2009

the bell has rung

bayli started preschool this week.
time for a busy schedule again, the breaks are never long enough.
she was so excited to begin a new year of learning.
mostly, she was excited to see her classmates and meet her teacher.

she loved getting to pick out a new backpack and folder.
of course she had to have a tinkerbell folder.
we were lucky to leave the store without a tinkerbell backpack.
she opted for this lovely number (i am sure that it was because the frog comes off).

school prep has been pretty fun. when we went shopping for clothes, we had to get dresses (or at least shirts that looked like dresses-leggings are wonderful). it just isn't bayli if she isn't dolled up and girly. she opted for very bright colors this season.
she picked bright pink maryjanes. which, when you have to get a size bigger, look like clown shoes. she also picked dark purple ballet flats (with a butterfly on the toe) that have the clown effect as well-she more or less has to drag her feet to keep them on. at least she has good taste, throw practicality out the window.

let me just say, slims here we come. i have despised getting bayli jeans for as long as i can remember. they are always too big in the waist. and when the waist finally fits, they are floods. she is finally just tall enough to get slims. they still are a little long, but at least they fit around her waist (the length can hide the clown shoes).
hopefully her little crack, cute as it is, will appear less often this year (crossing of fingers).

the days working up to the first day of school have been...long (at least for bay). she would pace the house and ask about every 30 minutes, "when do i go to school?" keeping a head strong 4 yr old entertained is very difficult. mom was sad for school to start so soon, but bayli is in heaven.

we hope to have a wonderful school season. time needs to slow down, next year is KINDERGARTEN-AHHHHH!!!!


  1. She looks SO cute! Love the backpack. And Brooklyn HAS picked a backpack in the past, solely for the accessories that come with it. They are usually lost in the first month.

  2. I can't believe she's old enough for preschool! Is is bad that I'm already looking forward to Tate going to school?? I'd love the peace and quiet for however long I can get it!


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