Monday, August 24, 2009

truck. trailer. boat.

when we went camping to whitney reservoir, bayli discovered a funny thing on our drive...triple rigging. something that has always scared the tar out of us, and we swore that we would never do. she found it funny to spot the trios speeding down the highways. she would shout out (in her little singing tone) truck, trailer, boat. which would then be followed by a series of giggles.
last week, we planned a trip to invade our good friends the haight's family reunion (they need more siblings anyways-seven just isn't enough). location, bear lake. which means, saling!
now we had a dilemma. do we take the trailer or the tent? we muddled over this question for days. jed made the ultimate decision; thus, we were triple rigging (glad he is the one that gets to drive).
tripling is scary! even if the caboose can be towed by a man.
we safely made it to evanston, wyoming. but then, jed noticed that something was wrong. we stopped in the median and discovered that the catamaran trailer was not secured, rather, it was dragging on the ground (this could have been way bad for us, or other drivers). jed discovered that the nut to the ball was missing (i hope this makes sense). he carefully placed the ball, with still attached trailer, into the hole and we even more carefully pulled into an empty parking lot. auto zone was only about a 1/2 a block away (even more lucky).
after we counted our blessings and again thanked bayli for saying such a nice prayer when we had left home, we were off.
we had a blast at the lake. the light winds were perfect for chase's first time out on the boat. jed spent the first day taking reunion goers for excursions on the catamaran. i am sure that he was glad that he didn't have to ferry bayli and chase all day, and so were they. the kids played on the beach for much of the afternoon.
in the evening, we had some fun with the locals (aka skunks). we also had some smore demonstrations from an expert, let me tell you it was intense. we were scared to make any for fear that we would be ridiculed. what happened to the good old roast your marshmallow and slap it on some grahms with a chunk of chocolate?
the following day we spent playing on the beach before the long haul home.
thanks haight's!


  1. I'm glad you guys could come and help us use up some of that big group site!! The Smores lesson was intense. Just be happy that Jed said he reads the labels about Trans Fat. Otherwise, you may have wanted to pack up and go home!!

    I will get those pictures from Scott and E-mail them to you. I need to e-mail you the picture that I have too. I will admit that it's not as good of quality as I thought it was going to be because of my stupid camera. Sorry!

  2. You lucky people!! You went to Bear Lake!! I am so jealous!! Looks like you guys had a great time! Glad that nothing terrible happened with the tripling! Love ya! -Suzanne

  3. So cute! looks like tons of fun I'm totally jealous. Someday I will have someone to pull a trailer for me too ;)


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