Monday, August 10, 2009

transforming a flirt

after five years, we finally decided to brighten up the place.

don't get me wrong, our intentions have always been good. but we were so "painted out" having sprayed our entire house when we built. time for our bland walls to get a little life (well at least the main bath).

i think that jed was a little nervous at first when he realized what i had picked, as far as the linens.

not to mention, he was worried about such a dark/bright green.

these cute stripes and dots had caught my eye about 5 months ago. where else, target (my downfall).
i just didn't have the gusto in me to make a decision, not to mention that i am cheap. i was nervous about the bright colors and if it would make the kids bathroom too girly.
but i loved loved loved them. every time i would go to target, i would make a pass at them. flirting with the thought of them gracing my home with their fun but welcoming brightness.
i just couldn't make the decision, not to mention that i don't get very motivated when it comes to painting. purchasing these fab threads would be the easy part, but painting, i despise.
so i would continue my flirting and dreaming.
until last saturday, on a whim, while we were at jed's mistress' (lowe's) i got a sparkle of craftiness in me. i headed for the paint aisle.
i had been imagining dark apple green for a long time. i tickled my fancy and snatched up a handful of color cards in various green tones. jed shook his head exclaiming "you won't do it, you get big ideas but never follow through."

we next headed to my beloved target for kitty litter and sensodyne. i told jed, lets go look at towels (i knew exactly what i wanted to look at, and he had never been graced with their lovliness). then i pretty much told him that those were what i was going to get, i wasn't waiting and dreaming any longer. i snatched up one bath towel, i still had to make sure that the lovelys were going to be happy in my home.

i compared my paint swatches and decided on laura ashley 1011 moss 5. i had been dreaming of this for a long time, so it only took about 5 minutes to pick the right color. and yes, the towel looked impressive in the little bland room. i began my prep.
let me just say, the prep is why i hate painting. all of the anxiety of painting our entire home 5 years ago came back to me like a tidal wave. i have no idea how the pros can stand to do that day in and day out-just nonsense.
jed stepped in to help with the prep, taken a back by the shock that i was really going to do this thing.
then i raced back to lowe's to get the paint and supplies.

with the first stroke, i knew that i was going to love this room.
we basked in the lovliness of it as we watched our bland walls transform. we found ourselves transforming as well as we painted and cussed (only a little) loving the color even more.

what a funny thing a little paint and some accessories can do.
if that's what i get for $150, i will gladly do it again.

(just for the record, these pics don't do it justice)


  1. I love green! It looks excellent! We should be having lunch at your house again soon, right?! I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. You go Lisa!! I am so proud of you for treating yourself to a little house decor. I looks AMAZING!! Way to go!! and you can take all the credit for putting the beauty together! I love ya! -Suzanne

  3. The Colors look great, Laura and I know all too much about painting, this house has been nothing but new paint job since we bought it a year ago.\ I am glad that Jed stepped up to the plate and did the prep work..very painful.

  4. wait a minute. i guess that i wasn't very clear. i did most of the prep. jed took down the light and moved the toilet. i did all of the taping. but i was definitely grateful that he helped me paint-i am slow.

  5. I LOVE it!!! It is amazing! Come decorate my house!

  6. I love it you did not need any help maybe I need to call you next time! I am glad you finally did it!

  7. I love love LOVE it! I've been thinking about doing a green like that in my half bath so I'll come knockin' at your door to get the color when I'm ready. It is fabulous. Hope I get to see it in color soon!


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