Thursday, October 15, 2009

below the mark

why am i so frustrated that i have thin kids? i was a thin kid. jed was a thin kid. two thin kids most likely will make thin kids, right?

well, i am not frustrated that they are thin, only that their doctor freaks me out about it.
chase is a great eater, most of the time. he was a big baby, always in the 90th percentile for height and weight. but between february and july, he had not gained any weight. he held strong at 20 lbs. he had stretched out like a rubber band, but had no expansion.
so when we went in for his checkup at the end of july, his doctor ( who we love and adore) wanted to do weight check appointments. he was pretty confident that it was just genetics, but he is thorough and wants to make sure that we aren't missing anything.

i know that my kids are healthy. but, i started to get that worrisome nagging in the back of my head "oh my gosh, what am i doing wrong? i must not be feeding him right. does he have something wrong with him? does he have more than just a milk and soy intolerance? i am a terrible mother."
i hate those naggings. they bring me down and make it difficult to refocus on what i know is the truth.
i didn't want to adjust his diet much, he eats healthy foods pretty well. i struggled with the ideas of adding butter and fats to everything.
then, two weeks before his september weight check he got very ill. he had horrible diarrhea (15 times in one day-probably rotovirus). then, he started to cut his molars and wouldn't eat well. on top of it, he wasn't sleeping good. i was fit to be tied, a whirlwind of panic.

C-Day (check day) arrived. i was dreading the outcome. my horrible mothering was going to slap me in the face. the inability to control the results was devouring me.
he was 21 lbs 5 ounces. VICTORY!!!
still in the 20th percentile for weight and 70th for height, but he had gained!
his doctor, being the concerned health care giver, wanted to ensure that the weight would keep coming. it looks iffy in graph format. he suggested that we start chase on a calorie supplement.

man those powders are pricey, and what are the benefits/risks? do they add horrible preservatives to them? could they cause my boy future issues? i am kind of a freak when it comes to pharmaceutical prescriptions/supplements. i like to take things the natural way. you can get everything that your body needs by eating the right foods. i don't need to shove twenty different kinds of supplements down my throat to give my body what it needs. it would be horrible for me to get some life threatening disease, i would have a hard time taking what the doctor subscribes. i just see way too many of my patients on so many medications, they can't even name them all. who knows what each of the meds are doing to their bodies, let alone when encountered with poly-pharmacy? don't get me wrong, when i am sick, i take what my body needs. but, i don't get all freakish and think that i need to get in on the next "popular" body rejuvenator crap.
and, i don't want to be the one who causes future issues to my sons health. so, i opted to not give him a calorie supplement.

i will embrace genetics and let him be a healthy, skinny toddler.
then, i will send rude letters to the clothing manufacturers for making such huge clothing for my children to wear. hello, he needs a 12 month tall pant. not an 18 month wide load, that when finally fits turns into capris.

because i am tired of this...


  1. Lisa,
    Your a great mom and your kids are healthy!! Don't ever forget that. Keep doing what your doing!! Sometimes I question those charts. What is average these days anyway? Isn't child obesity on the rise? I'm just throwing that out there! Love ya! -Suzanne

  2. My sister's doctor told her that she has to look at what her son was eating over a 3 day period. Kids eat in spurts I think. One day they might only eat bread at every meal. My oldest would only eat PB&J or hotdogs for every meal. I asked my Dr what I should do... he said, feed him PB&J and hotdogs and give him a vitamin. So I did. Jacob is a super smart kid and he is growing just fine. He is also SUPER SKINNY. Our Dr said that he is low on the weight percentile because his body is using all of it's energy to grow tall. My kids are always 90th percentile weight babies, but once they start moving, they drop down to the 50% or less for weight. Don't worry about weight at his age. Worry about him hitting milestones. He is a bright cute kid. He's just fine! Maybe your Dr just wants extra co-pays! ;)


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