Tuesday, October 27, 2009

how would you like your pumpkin?

the week before halloween, we went to schmidt's pumpkin patch to pick us some pumpkins. bayli squeals every time we drive by it, "i want to go there and get some pumpkins!" this year, we finally followed through with her demands (we usually get lazy and pick one up at the grocery store).

she decided that she didn't want to carve her pumpkin, so she drew on it. the problem was, she picked washable markers. not the best idea for a pumpkin, her art turned into a smudgy mess.
she enjoyed the messy art for a few days before we decided to carve the remaining pumpkins.
check out this preview of our halloween cheetah, what a cutie.

carving pumpkins is always a family favorite. we can get pretty creative, or gross, around here.
we started with my pumpkin. we were VERY disappointed to find that nearly half of it was going rotten. we went ahead and cut out it's face on the good side.
time for some improvisation.
jed suggested, "let's cap it and blow it's brains out." typical male suggestion, but perfect for the situation.
so, my pumpkin took a forty to its forehead and got capped.

bayli decided that carving a pumpkin was a good idea, and decided to lay into her 'piece of art.'
only condition being, "it has to be a cat!"
we washed off the smudges and began her masterpiece.
carving in whiskers is a pretty tough job, but it turned out okay. she was ecstatic with the results.

jed had been rolling his pumpkins design over in his head for a while now. and since everyone got their own pumpkin this year (chase gets to share with everyone), bayli couldn't stop him from creating his dream jack-o-lantern.
it consisted of getting the axe while puking.

overall a pretty productive carve-a-thon.
hopefully our kids aren't morphed for life.


  1. The cute cat is my favorite! Jacob's pumpkin threw up a little for awhile too. It's feeling better now.

  2. I can see the puking one from my house! That is HILARIOUS!! You should name it the Swine Flu pumpkin! haha! We should come carve pumpkins with you guys next year. You are way more creative than I ever would think of. A bit violent, but creative! -Suzanne


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