Monday, October 12, 2009

60 is supreme

my mom turned 60! so, very cool!
she is ever so excited for the discounts that cometh.
bayli loves telling her that she is as old as dirt, sometimes mud.
my mom is the best. she is the sweetest and most generous woman. she is constantly thinking of others before herself. she loves, loves, loves her grand-children and takes every effort to let them know it. she knows each of their personalities to the T. not to mention, she is darling.

my mom is getting OLD! I thought that it would be fun to tease her about her age, but alas, she is literally embracing it, again for the deals. i am sure that it is just a cover.

while my sister jerri was in town, the girls planned an evening out, to celebrate my mom. the group included mom, myself, jerri, chalese, kami, & katie. we piled into chalese's little car and headed for the olive garden (majority of our husbands don't like it, so we have to savor every opportunity that we get to go there).
we had a great time chatting it up. we all nearly peed our pants from laughter with the fun story telling abilities of my sister-in-law, katie (she is literally one of the funniest people that i know). i wish that i weren't bound to the promise to not share her most favored story-it is hilarious. i wouldn't be able to express it the way that she does though, she has a gift for words.
i love the women in my family, we are better people by my moms example. she is truly a great woman.
happy birthday mom! thanks for being great in every way. and thanks for the lovely memories of the evening girls. i only wish that we had a picture to go with the memories of our fun night out.

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