Thursday, March 4, 2010

a girl can dream...

i never thought i would want a crossover.
don't get me wrong i love my Passat. it is in great condition, has low miles, gets great gas mileage, and is paid for.
then, we decided to have one more kid. which means, no room for friends. yes, i plan on being a soccer mom and toting around the neighbors. but, i don't need a ginormous vehicle to do the job. and, i am no minivan momma.

but alas, this lovely creature is way out of our budget for now. i shall have to dream.
i'll dream about the money i will be saving and the fuel i won't be wasting.

i will probably change my mind on vehicles 10 more times before we ever pull the trigger anyways.

but, she is still a very lovely audi Q7 tdi.


  1. I have heard people say that they will never buy a mini van, but you might break down. 3 kids is getting tight for your car, but you have a few more months before it needs to happen. Happy Car Shopping when you get to that point! Have a fabulous day! -Suzanne

  2. I was one of those gals who made her husband swear on his life that he would never make me drive a minivan! I have to admit, I would not trade it in for anything else. It is the most convenient thing ever!! And like I tell my brothers, it's not your mommas minivan. Seriously, the back windows roll down and the doors open by themselves. Just sayin, you might want to reconsider it :) However, the Audi is a pretty sweet ride!

  3. *sigh* Two kids and no thoughts of more (or a mini van). Nope not me! LOL! Great car though! good luck avoiding the mini van.

  4. Yeah, I never wanted a crossover either until now...thanks a lot! That is a PRETTY car!

  5. Can I have one too?? We could be twinner soccer moms in our sexy, sleek cars. (Don't give in to the mini van. Sarah keeps trying to sway me!)


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