Friday, March 5, 2010

wishes do come true

my wish was granted (no not the audi).
it snowed! i only was able to enjoy one snow storm this winter. the rest, i was too laid up to care. or, the snow only threatened to come.
so when we woke up to a white and magical morning, well let me just say, i had to hide my excitement a little from the kids.

we hurriedly did our morning chores, the kids were a little faster this morning.
dawned our gear.
and headed out into a newly transformed winter play land.

we armed ourselves with a tote full of sand toys, at least as best we could. chase had a hard time grasping the handle of his shovel with his bulky mittens on. he was pretty frustrated. to the point that he shouted baby talk profanities and stomped on his shovel.

we had a delightful time building a snowman. or snowperson, for bayli's sake. we have to be politically correct around here. everything has to be female.

we had a wonderful time following each others footprints around the yard. and catching snowflakes on our faces.

i had a wonderful time relishing my lovely blue atlas cedar trees delicately draped with snow.

it was a wonderful morning.
and i am glad we headed out as early as we did, because everything began melting at record speed as soon as the sun broke through.

our poor snowman only stood for about 5 hrs.

oh well, at least i got my wish. now spring can come.

1 comment:

  1. I felt the same way about the snow! I was so excited for it and now. spring can come!

    I love the first pic of Baily!


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