Monday, March 1, 2010

homegrown barber shop

jed insists on cutting chase's hair.
i would much rather take him elsewhere and let someone else do the dirty work.
but my handsome, cheap, and "do it yourself" attitude guy wants to do it.
so, chase, mom, and dad bear through the pain to get the job done.
only, we are not very consistent, letting his head turn into a mop before we finally proclaim it's time for a haircut.

i must say that these are the most torturous moments that i have ever had to bear through with this little guy. he is deathly afraid of the clippers! even when jed is clipping his facial hair, chase runs and hides. so you can only imagine the chaos when said clippers are right on top of him. not a pretty sight.
poor little guy is strapped into the highchair, mom is holding down his arms, dad is holding down his head. and the screams begin. and they never stop, until the job is done. the suckers we bribe him with are of no use. they just end up with toupees. and all three of us end up with fine baby hair on every inch of our bodies.

after chase's last haircut, sigh of relief that we all lived through it, i asked jed if he wanted to take him somewhere next time.
we both looked at each other and said, "they would kick him out and ban him from ever coming back, worst customer ever, no cut for you!"

so, we get to bear through the most torturous haircuts ever. chase gets a free daddy special, which i must say is looking better each time, still working out the tweaks. and jed will one day be able to add barber of demonic children to his resume.

best of all, we get to privately laugh that chase momentarily has a hairier back than his uncle rob.
(i know, only my family members can appreciate this. a photo would have been lovely, but we just didn't have enough hands.)

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  1. Ha! Seth cuts Tate's hair too, and I always assist. I once cut Tate with the clippers, and then the just the other day, Seth nicked his ear and it bled like crazy! Our poor boys....if only we weren't so cheap!


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