Wednesday, March 17, 2010

to catch a leprechaun...

Bayli has been having a good ole time prepping for the Leprechaun this past week. She concocted this very creative trap. A project which took her at least an hour.

I think she has watched a little too much Survivor Man. Shooooot...we got us here a Paiute deadfall!
At least it is made out of paper rather than rocks. I am sure the Leprechauns are grateful too!

She decorated it in the most fashionable green, "green is it's favorite color, next to gold, it won't be able to resist!"
Gently placed her upright stick, aka pencil.
And placed some tempting morsels, sure to catch her prey. She cut and decorated her version of a four leaf clover, pretty swell looking I should say. And then secured it to the base, "it will want to pick up the clover and then, snap!"
She placed a green treat to tempt a little further.
And for good measure, a note to that sneaky Leprechaun.

She checks her trap at least every two hours. Meanwhile, scanning the area for any Leprechaun activity. "Those Leprechauns are so sneaky, they have done very naughty things at my school!"

We can't get enough of our creative and very imaginative little gal. She cracks us up!


  1. That is SO funny! My kids set out traps for leprachauns too! Brooklyn truly believes! She is 6. So funny.

  2. That is hilarious! That Bayli, she is such a smart little kid! Have fun tomorrow! -Suzanne


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