Friday, October 22, 2010

jutht call me cletuth

When Bayli was 2 years old, she had a nasty collision with the floor.  Not her knee, not her elbow, not her butt, her mouth! 
Her gums were purple and bloody for days.  We knew nothing good would come out of that darn face plant.  Her tiny tooth was wiggly and in bad shape. 
We anxiously waited, through the months that followed,  to see what would become of that tooth.  We watched it change from a purplish hue to brown then gray.  And there it stayed for about three years.  It was inspected regularly by us and her dentist.  We were amazed that it held up as long as it did.

Then, one day, after she had returned home from school, her tooth looked different.  It had a darker hue to the end of it, a purplish color.  She told me that it felt like an ant was biting her in her mouth.  I inspected it.  The back of her tooth didn't look so hot.  There was a pinkish/yellowish substance coming from a whole in her tooth.
I thought, "Oh crap!  I worked last night, have had no sleep, Lily is grumpy, Chase just went to bed, now this!"
So we called the dentist.  They wanted to see her little mouth right away, like in 20 minutes.  So, I scrambled to get everyone into the car, find someone to watch Chase, and talk Bayli through what might happen.  It was an exhausting time, and we were definitely late.

Bayli was a rock-star.  She has to be the toughest little chicca that I know.  She patiently waited as they went through the motions of xrays, inspections, and more waiting.
The news was as I expected, her tooth was going to need to be pulled.  We had caught it before any infection had set in, but it definitely needed to come out.  The nerve was making its way out of her tooth.  No wonder she thought that a bug was biting her.
I had prepared her on the way telling her that the  tooth most likely was going to have to be pulled.  She kept telling me, "maybe they will just cap it, with one of those gold caps."  I think she really wanted a gold cap.  Some bling in her smile.  Silly girl.

She was amazing as they topically numbed her gums and then injected them.  She didn't flinch once.  When it came to the tooth pulling, Bayli whimpered and fought back tears.  I fought back tears for her as well.  Nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain and being unable to do anything about it.  She only took a few moments to gain her composure when it was all done.  She was eager to look at the tooth and the space in her mouth.

She will probably be toothless for 1-2 years.  Her replacement permanent tooth looked pretty cozy tucked up in there.  We will get to hear her whistly talking for longer than most, how exciting!

Bayli was so funny the rest of the afternoon.  "Mom, my nose and cheek are still numb and puffy."  Jed and I had a good time making her smile, knowing that one side would remain droopy.
She kept singing, "All I want for Chrithmuth  ith my one front tooth!"

And now, the poor thing is nicknamed Cletus(She has dad to thank for that.)

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