Wednesday, October 27, 2010

spiders are the key to a merry home

i am totally convinced that bribery is my key parenting tactic.  not the best approach, but effective with a little man called chase. 
my latest temptation to getting the boy to do what i ask in an efficient and timely manner, is decorating spider cookies.

 this is typically what went on prior to the spiders:
"chase, go pick up your legos and tinker toys."
"do you want a time out?"
boy starts picking  up legos, well maybe 3 of the hundreds scattered on my floor.
"Chase!!!" (angry mom starts trying to break out)
boy begins a half-hearted attempt to throw a few legos into the bucket from 6 feet away.
*breath, don't want to scream, calmly remind him again what will happen*
"Chase, if you don't pick up the legos, you will get a time out and the legos will get a time out."
boy throws legos straight into the air, letting them fall like rain, rather hail.
boy kicks and screams, wakes the baby in the process, and has to be put back in timeout about 4-5 times before he stays there. declaring, "no nime out! yeyos!"
most of the time the process repeats and he gets another time out.
SOOO exhausting!!!

but now, with my latest tactic, clean up time is amazing.
so, yeah, i am bribing him with sugary goodness and 5 minutes of oreo bliss.  but, it is effective, for now.  the results are much quicker.  and the process of clean up is smoother.  no yelling  or time-outs involved.  all involved parties are happier!

at least i will get a gold star for helping the kids to craft and use their imagination that day, right, RIGHT?!!! (threatening fist held up)

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  1. Positive reinforcement is great but don't forget the negative reinforcements. They are just as powerful. I used to tell Tanner that if he kept doing whatever he was doing his "arm would fall off". Worked every time and gave him much to think about. :)

    The spiders are very cute and I just love Chase's tongue in the photo. He is definitely ready to eat what he earned.


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