Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1 is fun

Chase turned one! He is our little terror, into everything!!! He loves playing with the drawers in the kitchen and all of the noisy contraptions inside. We are really tired of washing lids. It is funny the things that we find around the house. Whisk on the printer, straw in the toy box, bowls in the laundry, and yes lids. Lots and lots of lids. Plastic lids aren't too bad, at least they aren't as noisy. The lids that are the worst are the pan lids. He picks up the top one in the drawer and lets it go crashing down onto the rest of the pile. AHHHH the sound is horrible! If we could, all of the drawers would have child locks on them like the cabinets. But, then he would just find something else to terrorize us with. I guess that we can handle a rumaged through kitchen 8 times a day.

Chase loves being outside, so we decided to have a beach themed birthday party. It was great. The kids played on the swingset and colored on the basketball court with chalk, Chase ate the chalk. The men played basketball, around Chase. Chase had a great day. He is so loved. We gave him a swing for the playground, his grandparents gave him a sandbox, Rob and Kami gave him a ride on car that makes all sorts of fun noises, and the Atherley/Marsh/Branch families gave him some toys and a Children's Place gift card.

Chase loves Elmo, so we had an Elmo on the beach cake.
Chase got a handful of yumminess while we sang to him, then he devoured his slice. The boy was in heaven! It was a great day. The funnest part was watching him Mogley crawl across the lawn.

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