Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another First...Poppin' Mushrooms

Today was the first time that I have had to call poison control. I am very grateful that we have this aide. And, it is very fitting that the one I have to call them about is the one and only Chase. Man he has given us trouble lately.
Bayli was playing on the hammock with Aunt Chalese. Chase was playing by the swingset. I had to run in the house for a minute. Chalese went over to play with Chase. All three came in the house soon after I had. Chalese had Chase in one arm and some brown "things" in the other hand. "What is this?" She told me that she had taken it away from Chase. We smelled it and thought "mushrooms!!!" We went outside by where he was playing, sure enough there was a patch of mushrooms in the grass. And there was a defining spot where Chase had been, and a little mushroom with half of its top missing.
So we go look online and try to identify our mushroom. Alright people, identifying mushrooms is pretty hard and I don't have a microscope and I don't have time to email and get info from the Utah Mushroom Society. I am totally uneducated on mushrooms, but I think that most people are.
So I call the poison control. They were great. The man who I talked to asked about the mushroom and what it looked like on the underside. I mentioned that it was all brown. He then reassured me that there are very few poisonous mushrooms in the valley and mentioned that it is a good sign if it is all brown on the gills. He took down our information so that they could keep tabs on Chase and gave us "the watch for list." Hopefully Chase doesn't experience anything on the list. Better yet, hopefully he really didn't swallow any of the mushrooms.
Note to self...keep the boy away from mushrooms.

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  1. This is the EXACT thing that Jacob did when he was about Chase's age. I called poison control too (the first of many times with him) and was told the exact same thing about the gills.

    Kids will eat anything... that they aren't supposed to. Trying to get Jacob to eat a "safe" mushroom today would be like trying to feed him poison.


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