Monday, May 25, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I love spring flowers!!! I get so excited for our plants to start to bloom. I swear at least 3 times a day I go outside and check each plant in our yard-I know lame. But I can't help it, I love to see how our plants are progressing. We have been so excited about our trees this year. We planted most of them last year. And no (for those who do not have faith in us) not one died! Jed gave them extra TLC last year to give them a good start-we totally believe in root stimulator. The tree that we have been most excited about is our peach tree. We have grown gardens in the past, but never a fruit tree. It is so funny how one tiny tree can excite a whole family. I swear that our mouths literally salivate each time we look at our tree and its now thumb nail sized crop-SOOO EXCITING!!! Bayli loves to check on her ladybugs that are "taking care of the peaches." "Mom, they are eating the laphids (aphids)." Jed hunted everywhere last year for a Halehaven peach tree (supposed to be one of the best peaches for our climate). He finally had to give in and purchase one from Wal-Mart (I know...we hate Wal-Mart). No where had one, and if they did, they looked horrible or were way too expensive. But, we have loved our little peach tree. Jed read up on pruning last fall, and worked his magic. This spring, our little tree has had so much growth and looks like it will produce a ton of peaches-YAY!!!
The other plants that I have been so excited about are our Iris's. The Iris is one of my favorite flowers. We don't have too many flowering plants in our yard, but we do have plenty of Iris's. I had moved/added about 10 plants last fall. So I have been eager to see how they did, and what they all look like. I must say, they are gorgeous-pat on the back. My yellow plant died back too far, so no flowers this year, hopefully next spring it will be beautiful again. It looks pretty sad with only 3-4 leaves shooting up out of the bulb. Hey, at least it didn't die out completely. That would be pretty sad, since Iris's can tolerate just about anything. We shall see in another year-ugh!


  1. I LOVE Iris's! When you are ready to thin them...I'd love to have some bulbs!

  2. Mmm! Peaches!!!! I was the same way when our yard was new. I would eagerly wait each spring so I could measure every plants growth. The iris's are beautiful!


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