Thursday, January 14, 2010

the top 10 goings on when you are puking your guts out & feel like #$%@

1) the christmas decor stays up for...months, or in a pile at the top of the stairs

2) the house is dirty and no one cares but dad

3) the kids eat more processed foods than ever in their life

4) you can sit in front of the tube and watch overhaulin all day long

5) pajamas for day wear, likewise for night (for the entire family)

6) the only way the phone and door get answered, is if bayli does it

7) just when you think you are going to have a better day, your body reminds you that it is in charge

8) dad becomes mr. mom (but still has to carry on his role as dad and bread winner)

9) chase starts crying out "daddy" when he needs something

10) chase growls and spits into the toilet bowl trying to imitate you


  1. It sounds like you are announcing something here? And by the looks of your "label" it makes your post a little more suspicious. I think we need to talk! Hope you get feeling better!

  2. congrats Lisa. :) i feel for you - not fun. not fun at all!

  3. Definitely dragged me in with the name of your post. I love a post title that contains an almost swear word.

    10 is definitely my favorite! What a character!

    Sorry your body is treating you so bad. Do you need me to come pack your holiday decor or scrub your toilets? Perhaps that can be #11. The in laws come over to pack and clean up your @#$%

  4. I'm sorry Lisa! I feel your pain. It is so not fun to not be able to get stuff done like you're used to doing - and Ireland did the same thing when I was puking all the time - she would lean over the toilet & make puking noises. Oh, what fun!
    P.S. Congrats if you are making an announcment. Hope you feel better soon either way!

  5. Oh my friend! I feel your pain!! Whatever you need, I am but 2 doors down! Hang in there, it will pass soon! Just remember that it maybe another Chase coming real soon! haha! J/K! You are so lucky Lisa, and I am here to help anyway I can! Love the imitations of Chase at the toilet. Jed needs to get that on video tape! -Suzanne

  6. I love that no one has mentioned the "label" this post has! I'm sorry you are SO sick but your closer to the end than you think right? I miss working with you so hopefully this will all pass quickly and you can enjoy this baby the right way (and we'll get to hang out at work again soon)! Love ya~


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