Friday, January 8, 2010

introducing, the thumb fairy and the worst parents ever.

bayli is five and proud of it. at the same time, she is worried about losing her beloved thumb.
she is a mega closet thumb sucker. leading us, to drastic measures. we already know that we will be broke with dental care in the future. but, that doesn't mean that we can't have a little fun along the way.
our newest endeavor, which probably categorizes us as the worst parents ever, is the thumb fairy.
because, as we have seen, fairies have a big impact on our little gal.
not to mention, it's the closest that we can come to telling her scary stories. she has enough night terrors with her wild imagination.

here is our rundown of the thumb fairy.
the kid (thumb sucker) is safe until they turn five. then, the thumb fairy has free reign to come at any time and remove said thumb. the thumb fairy doesn't live with the other fairies, because she is an evil fairy. she decorates her house with the thumbs and wears them for hats.

we know that this is not a good means to go about stopping this bad habit. it is completely unmeasurable. we can't come in the night and remove her thumb with a pair of dikes. but, we can see it in her eyes. she is a true believer. she consciously is thinking about missing her thumb.
"can she come on my birthday and take my thumb?" "what if i start to suck my other thumb, will she take it too?" "will she take my fingers if i suck them?"

we are digging ourselves a hole. most likely nothing will come of this. other than the fact that we lied to our child. but for now, at least, she is thinking about quitting.


  1. That is Aweful!!! But I'm wondering if you can hear me laughing from clear up here. Don't feel bad, you know the measures I've taken to be a successful parent.

  2. LOL!! There's that wonderful sense of humor that I have been missing! I hope you are feeling a bit better! I am trying to figure out who was the originator of the thumb fairy? You or Jed? Oh well! Do you want me to back up your story over here at my house? Love ya my dear friend, you always make me laugh and I thank you for that! -Suzanne

  3. LOL! But that is certainly NOT the worst thing you have done to Bailey... That will probably be Chase! ;)


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