Friday, April 2, 2010


I love decorating baby rooms! Come to think of it, those are about the only rooms that really get made over in our home.

Since we are having a baby girl, Chase won't be sharing a room. He'll get to keep his cute fishy room for a while longer. But, I do not want to reuse his cute bedding, a little more boyish than I would like. Especially after these lovely's caught my eye. How cute are they? I love bright, cheerful, happy themes to a nursery. And anyone who knows me, would surely say that is so you.
Envisioning painted walls, with such a variety of colors to pick from, fills me with excitement.

Hopefully, Bayli will get her wish (a room of her own in the basement).
Decorating two girl rooms, I almost can't contain myself!


  1. Whoa. That is holy crap cute. I bet it's not cheap either.

  2. I love love LOVE it!! You have to get it. Must. Buy. Now.


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