Saturday, April 10, 2010

easter delayed

We had the Atherley Easter party the Saturday after Easter.
Grandma Bev always has the hunt mapped out to make it fun for each age group. It makes it a little easier to watch each kid hunt. She also has each kid assigned to a color (Chase had yellow & Bayli had pink).

The kids had fun actually being able to hunt for eggs outside. They were pretty cute running around the yard.

Chase's group got to go first. He was so cute bending over to put the "balls" in "Emo." When he found the candy inside, his face lit up with excitement "tandee!!!"
Unfortunately we could never get a picture of the front of him. He was much to busy to look at mom and smile. At least the back of him is pretty cute too.

Bayli's group was up next. She was pretty excited to hunt for those pink eggs. Near the end she kept asking mom to pack her basket, wimp! Mom refused. Ultimately, she would bend over for an egg and lose two out the other side of her basket. We lost a few jelly beans that way.

Action shot! Always need a few of those.

This egg kept her busy searching for quite a while. She was pretty excited to finally find it.

And of course, she has to pose and do the shoulder shrug whenever a camera is on her. Such a girl.

After the hunt, we devoured homemade raviolis. Delicious!

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