Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter fun

How was our spring break and Easter?
Busy, busy, busy!
With all the family in town, it was a fun filled week.
Some of the big memories were:
  • fat lady twister with the nieces and nephews (no pictures necessary-but a priceless moment)
  • decorating eggs with 13 kids. included in those 13 kids:
  1. A very excited 3 yr old. Who stationed herself at the counter for over an hour and could barely eat dinner. The cutie was constantly asking every adult "can we color eggs yet?"
  2. A very busy little 2 yr old, who won't take no for an answer. Who is also in love with anything messy.
  3. Two 5 yr olds that were cute as could be, but very wiggly and liked leaning over everything. One of these cute gals sprung into goof mode, always has to be the life of the party. But, also gets the other kids wound up.
  4. And one 11 month old who liked to be where everyone's feet were.
  5. All of the other kids new that Aunt Jerri was in charge and that she meant business. All other adults were VERY glad that said aunt was in charge.
  • Utah weather surprises. A week full of wind, dust, and snow. No outside hunts this year. Good thing the Easter Bunny knew where to find the baskets in the house. Chase was most excited about the "tooties" aka cookies. It was very hard to get him excited about eating breakfast. Bayli was exceptionally excited about new shoes and a Barbie Peekaboo. The poor family kite will have to sit this day out, to be flown another day.

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