Friday, April 9, 2010

not your average dolly

we are VERY accustomed to chase screaming over everything, whether happy or sad. but on this occasion, his scream was a little more desperate. we searched upstairs, but quickly noticed that his screams were coming from the basement.
we have a little play area set up under our stairs. where we have placed all of the kitchen items. it freed up a lot of space in bayli's room, and gave chase a dream come true, t
o play with sister's kitchens whenever he wished. it is perfect for all of the kids gourmet desires.
we wondered, what on earth could he be into now? it took us a few seconds to realize where exactly the little screamer was. he had trapped himself in the dolly highchair-quite a tight fit.
notice, now that help has come, he continues to mix away. as if nothing were wrong, maybe just down playing his embarrassment.
"on ou!" (i want out!) were the screams we heard when we pretended to go back upstairs.
needless to say, he hasn't attempted this stunt again.

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