Friday, April 23, 2010

party for the 2 man

the morning he awoke, was like any other day. until we let him open a present.
it was clothes.
you could sense the disappointment.
then we sang to him before daddy went to work.
he seemed disappointed by that as well.

we ate breakfast and cleaned up.
then it was off to run errands.
more disappointment for the little guy.
he was happy to get home, eat a hot dog and grapes, and head to bed for a nap.

when dad got home from work, we took him out to dinner at Iggy's (bayli's first choice and semi kid friendly). we thought that he had done pretty well at breakfast at IHOP a few weeks earlier.
i think that we will only take him to breakfast for the rest of the year. dinner was a pain!

we gave him a Thomas the Train engine while at dinner. it lit up and made noise. that was pretty exciting until he decided to start pushing it harder and harder and then throwing it at dad. the train got lost in dad's pocket.

he was excited when his dinner finally came, so were we. unfortunately mom and dad didn't notice the cup full of ranch on his dish until it was too late. so he pretty much dipped and licked fries in ranch and didn't touch his chicken. when they brought him his sundae, his wiggles subsided for a nice moment of peace. he would have eaten the entire goblet full if we hadn't stopped him.
great parents: a belly full of ranch, fries, and ice cream. we were glad that he didn't puke.

when we got home he was again excited to play with the train we had given him at dinner, while awaiting for his party goers to arrive.
we invited his grandparents and aunt chalese over for strawberry shortcake, chase is a strawberry freak!

we first opened presents.
he opened his first gift which was from grandma and grandpa dixon. it was a train set, delaying the present opening for some time.
we really should screen presents for little ones, give the boring clothes gifts first (from mom and dad) and proceed from there.

next he opened one of said boring clothes items.
back to the train.
look a gift from sister. a bubble machine/gun. no we can't open it right now.
back to the train.

another boring gift from mom and dad, a jacket that bayli opened instead.
still at the train.

next he opened a bag of sand toys and YARD TOOLS! (from mom and dad) he wanted the shovels and rakes out now!
he played and organized those for a while. everyone was ducking and leaning back to avoid being whacked.
back to the train, for quite a long time.

then grandma and grandpa atherley (with the help of bayli) got out their gift. a tube and tent system. the kids were in love. giggles poured from every movement.
no more train, at least for a little while.

we coaxed him to his chair with a viewing of his strawberry shortcake.
he was in heaven!we love our little man, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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