Monday, July 25, 2011

bridal veil falls

To celebrate the day after Utah's Pioneer Day, we headed up Provo Canyon with the Dixon clan. 
Our destination, along with all of the other families from Utah County, Bridal Veil Falls. 
And let me say, that with the wet year we have had, it was definitely not disappointing. 
We enjoyed a fun picnic before we headed up the trail to the falls.

 The kids had a blast getting soaked and wading through the icy water.
 Chase was a bit more hesitant than Bayli to venture into the cold.  But once he realized that he was okay, we couldn't get him out.

 In fact, all he wanted to do was scale up the rocks in the falls.  We had to tell him that he could only go up so far, otherwise he would have attempted to scale to the top. 

 He didn't want anyone holding onto him.  Even to pose for a picture.
 He wanted to find his own way up and down the rocks.
On the other-hand, Bayli was her typical self, always up for posing for the camera.

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