Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the few days remaining

On Friday, our baby will be one.  Our baby will be one?!!!?  It is hard to believe.  She has grown so fast.  Our littlest ray of sunshine, our littlest bird, our baby, our blue-eyed (at least for now) beauty, our Lil's, is going to be ONE in just a few days.
I am torn between wanting to keep her at these baby stages and watching her conquer each milestone, watching her grow into a little lady.

She has turned into a little chatterer.  She has also discovered that screaming is effective.  She doesn't take any guff from Bayli and Chase.

She loves to be around people, while in mom or dad's arms.  I keep waiting/dreading the day that I am no longer her favorite person.

She loves kids, any and all, especially babies about her size (we don't come across them as often as she would like).
The other day we had a little friend over who is about 6 months older than Lily.  Lily crawled right up to her, put her arms out big, and proceeded to give her a bear hug.  While in the process, she knocked her over.  She was relentless, she wanted to hug that baby.  She kept her little arms tight around her while they were in a heap of little baby girl cuteness on the floor. I had to finally pry her off to rescue the other little cutie.

She LOVES to eat.  Dirt and rocks will even do.  Her mouth is definitely her favorite tool.  But really, she does love any and all kinds of food. 

She has discovered a love for music and dancing.  She has a pretty mad head bob when she is bumpin' to some tunes.  She responds best to Hello by Martin Solveig.

It is so sad, yet exciting, to see her grow up.  

How sweet our Lily grows! 

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