Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last week we headed to Joe's Valley Reservoir for the annual Atherley Family VACA!!!  
(And really, Jed's entire family was there.  I just failed to capture them.  I think that the camera was only taken out about 5 times in a weeks time.)
I missed the trip last year due to baby on the way.  So this was my first visit.  Although, we have been to some of the surrounding area before when we stayed at Potter's Ponds.

We enjoyed fishing, four-wheeling, hiking, biking, running, swimming, pestering, eating, gaming, Jedi-Knight fighting, rock eating, quest finding, water gunning, hammock-ing, mosquito hiding, and a plethora of more activities that I am failing to remember.
Thanks family for a fun filled trip!

Everyone was super stoked to get their fish on.

Chase had some serious issues with mosquitos.  Let me just say DEET all the way for this little guy.  Also on a side note, Chase on Benadryl 24/7 is not a cool combination.  Seriously this kid and his sensitivities.  Not only did he look like a troll...well, you can finish the statement.

 Through it all he was a great sport.  And he wouldn't take no for an answer when he wanted to take a ride on the four wheeler.

 Of course he had to hold his first fish.

 Dad was definitely excited about the first fish. 

 And Bayli, well, she was always ready to do her signature pose.

 She absolutely loved fishing with daddy.
Chase had even more excitement with all of the fish to be caught up at Pete's Pond.

Poor Lily.  Worst age ever to take camping.  A crawler who loves to put everything in their mouth. She was stuck in something for the majority of the time.  It is great that she loves the backpack though.  And, although there isn't much documentation of it, she was on mom's back the majority of the time.
Bayli and Chase had a blast during a rainstorm playing monkeys in a tree.

 We had a fun time taking a little family hike up to Academy Mill.  Although the mosquitoes were even more ravenous in that area.  Jed and I were on a plant/tree identification quest.  We were only partly sure of one pine.

 Bayli was on a bird identification quest throughout the trip.  She packed that book everywhere.  And, she was pretty funny about posing with her favorite flowers.
 Of course, Chase was eager to thwart her efforts to pose with said flowers and would quickly remove them from the scene.  He is such a tease.
 We saw some spectacular views and made some lasting memories.  I just love Utah!!!

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