Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little quotes from Heaven...

While camping, Chase decided that he needed a big stick like his cousins.  So rather than have him fight for the sticks that his cousins already had, we went on a stick hunt.
We ventured down the hill and I pointed out each stick along our way.  He would promptly say "No!!!"  if I suggested a certain one.

Then we came to the perfect one and a second quite similar.  I cleaned off the first and handed it to him, then we started back up the hill.
As I was cleaning off the second one, I heard a little giggle, followed by, "mom woot, I a Dramma!!!"  (Mom, look I'm a Grandma).

I turned around to see Chase using his stick as though it were a cane.  He giggled and gimped all the way back up the hill.

I love that kid!!!


  1. I love this story. What a character. Now I bet you totally want a cane for your old lady days. :O)

  2. Are you kidding Ang, I want some wheels! Chase would think that I am even cooler, at least at 3. Don't you want to have races at 5 miles per hr when we are cute old ladies? ;)


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