Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boom, boom, boom...

When Bayli was finishing up dance lessons last month and prepping for her recital, we had a never ending ear-full of Katy Perry's Firework.  Needless to say, it hasn't stopped.  We get constant blurt outs of the song.  My favorite is when she sends out personal invitations to a premier viewing of her concert.  These usually take place in the living room where her stage is the fireplace hearth  (who remembers doing that as a kid?  I do, I do!!!  Only the songs that we would often lip-sink to were oldies like Wooly Bully, Runaround Sue, Leader of the Pack, Wild Thing, etc.  I must say that we were connoisseurs of old-time music back in our day.  That and Milli Vanilli (I about died from the news)).

Since we have been bombarded by so many fireworks (the real things not the song) of late, Bayli has upped the amp on her skills (singing the song) ten-fold.  I love how she twists the lyrics to songs.  Don't try and correct her, or you will get her wrath.

We had a fun time celebrating our countries Independence Day.  We attended a BBQ at my brother's mother-in-laws home (say that ten times fast).  She is such a neat person, it was great to catch up with her again.  Then we did some fireworks.  Seriously, even though aerials have been legalized through July in Utah, my mom still is able to find the pack that has the most fountains.  Hers alone had 65 people, let me say that again 65!!!  Not to mention the other 30 or so from the other contributions.  If anyone knows Jed, you know he despises fountains.  So you can imagine the words that went through his head when he layed eye on that ginormous box of FOUNTAINS.
These two, on the other-hand, were super excited.
Last year Chase was all about the pops.  This year sparklers were his thang.  We loved his posture as he stiffly held onto the little light sticks. He didn't budge from this position.

We weren't surprised that Lily sat quietly through her first firework show.  She loves loud noises.

Our nephew, Jaren, was given charge of the show.  Jed and my brother Rob kept coaxing him on to start the fireworks and keep them going even though it was still light outside.  While everyone else the other adults minus me kept saying to wait because it wasn't dark yet.  Of course he is going to listen to the blaring of the kiddos and the two men.

 Let me just say that my nephew can put on quite a show with around 90 fountains.  It was so entertaining watching him run frantically around to ignite each one.  At one point he had close to ten going at once.  It was seriously the best fountain show that I have ever seen.  Even Jed gave him compliments, that's saying a lot.  The aerials that followed after were nothing compared to his insane show.  He could seriously be a stunt man with the moves he was making.

And of course, in little spurts throughout the show, Bayli belted out her version of Firework.

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