Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the light whisperer

While stopped at a red light, Bayli says, "come on light, change."
the light promptly changes to green
Bayli says, "did you know that I speak light?"

I am so glad that I am related to this very special girl who not only speaks light, but never stops speaking at all. Who needs background music? Then again, background music does sometimes drown out the endless questioning and chattering of my funny girl.


  1. Haha! too cute. If she speaks light, I may need to borrow her.

    I used to say that we had a leprechaun in the car if we hit a lot of green lights; making us lucky. It would send the kids into fits of hid and seek trying to figure out where the little guy was hiding.

  2. And not only is she clever, she's beautiful too!


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