Tuesday, May 4, 2010

politically correct BM

Bayli had been having a rough tummy day (crampy belly and diarrhea).

Bayli: "Mom, I think I need to take another dump!"

Mom had to restrain herself from laughing and smiling-very hard task.
And just to inform all who may wonder where she learned such a term-DAD!!!
At least she used it in the right context and it wasn't public.
Can you imagine if she had asked her school teacher in such a way, awe for the love!
Sadly, I wouldn't put it past her. For this reason we had a sit down on why that statement could NEVER be used.


  1. Nice! What is it with men and using that term? I hate it!!!!

  2. Haha! I read this to everyone and got a great laugh. Pretty funny (but glad you took care of it).


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