Saturday, May 15, 2010

thoughts turn to saw meet bond

bet you can't guess what's been going on at our home...

my super impressive and talented husband has been down in the man cave making another wondrous creation. he wasn't just teasing me.
that's right, chase is getting his big boy bed! but not just any bed. one made with sweat, love, and blood (by someone he knows and thinks is pretty cool).

anyone who knows jed, knows he is a perfectionist. to sum it up, HE GOT SKILLS!!!
with nearly 12 years of marriage under the belt, he proves time and time again that he can do anything.
i find what i want, he draws it out, improves it, and impresses.

it is so wonderful to have a home filled with so many items created by his talented hands.
and this bed, is going to be to die for!

jed even marked it with his own blood (BIG accident) to show how much he loves his little guy.
the saw is still laughing at him, reminding us of a jaws horror movie.

at least he thinks he is pretty cool with his pink bandages. he tends to pose james bondish. i am sure he is thinking "table saw, make my day!"

we are just glad that his fingers are still intact and able to build more wonderful additions for our home.
also that chase is deathly afraid of the noisy machines in the shop and won't come near them, at least for now.

we can't wait to see the finished product!


  1. Nice job Jed! I wish my husband was that talented. It looks awesome. What color are you going to paint it? Oh and do you have another one I can buy?

  2. It looks beautiful! Great work Jed. I can not wait to see it in person.

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