Thursday, May 27, 2010

the finished product

Chase's cute bed, ready for paint!

We decided to go with a royal navy. Jed LOVED turning the shop into a speckled mess with the sprayer. He did a fantastic job, so glad he is so meticulous.

The bed turned out perfect. Jed set it up in the basement for a few days. I know that he was delaying handing it over to the boy. And for good reason. When we finally started to set it up in Chase's room, the boy started working it over with his little tool set. I guess that we shouldn't have encouraged him to watch the building process.

I had found this cute bedding on clearance almost a year ago. Where you ask, Target of course. It was a super deal. Plus, it matched his room perfectly. We were excited to not have to repaint his room. And he can keep his cute fishies up for a while longer.
the finished product, minus the bed rail we were hesitant to put up

Chase was so excited once it was all put together. He would point and say "bed, nice!"

the happy guy testing things out

Then he started getting a little crazy and had his first 'fall out of bed' incident. We decided that we would have to put up the toddler rail, even though the fall wasn't far. His bed is still cute, but doesn't show off the overall wow factor as much.

The first fall. He kind of made it look like he was doing a trick, not so.

He slept wonderfully in his new big boy bed. The following morning, he was again super excited. He came and got mom and had to show her his new bed. "Mom, bed, wow!"

Bayli was also super excited because she got a new mattress in the process, handing hers down to Chase. "Mom, I slept so comfortably. Why does my bed smell like butter?" Gotta love that new bed smell. But butter, never would have thought that.

Thanks dad for making happy sleepers!


  1. I'm so impressed! It turned out awesome...tell Jed I said so. Also, that bedding is darling...way to go finding it on clearance. That's always a liberating moment.

  2. That is so good! Jed did a great job. Blake liked it a lot and we migh be placing an order in a few years when Deron is ready for one. The bedding fits perfectly. The whole thing turned out great!

  3. I am SO jealous! It looks exactly like the bed you wanted! Where can I put my order in for 2 beds just like it?

    I have referred at least 3 people to your blog to show off your new bed.

    So do tell... what was the price tag on this bed? I'm so curious to know how much you saved!

    I am so impressed with Jed's mad skills.

  4. Stacie, it was between $250 and $300 (I am sure that Jed has it calculated exactly). So we saved a ton when the purchase price would have been $750, plus tax!!! And it is better quality and homemade!


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