Thursday, May 20, 2010

springing to life

As with every season, we have a wonderful time watching the changes that occur in our yard. This Spring has been no exception.
In addition to the lovely plants that spurt out leaves and new blooms, we have been able to see the growth from the seeds planted in our garden.
We have planned our garden in spurts this year. We planted Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Onions, and Garlic in late March. These cool loving plants have flourished, especially the Spinach. We have Spinach coming out our ears! If anyone would like some, come on over, it is very tasty. Bayli is often found snacking on it mid-play.
And our Romaine lettuce is also delicious. It is so nice to be able to eat it while at it's tender baby stage.

We have been surprised by a few plants. We love Blue Oat Grass and have multiple plants throughout the yard. It had taken us a while to find it. It is not common in local nurseries. We found our first starts at a small town family nursery in Southern Utah. And have since found a few local starts. Last year it seeded, giving us multiple surprises throughout the yard this spring. The funny thing this year, is that unlike years past, some plants have already shot up their tassels. We usually don't get to enjoy them until later in the summer.
As usual we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our "late bloomers." The Sumac and Gambel Oak are always one of the last plants to unveil their leaves in our yard. Of course, I always have to wait for my favorite things to arrive-isn't that how it works. Not to mention that I hate waiting for my Iris' to bloom. I should be more patient because they come and go so fast.
Seeing tiny blooms form is always exciting. We know that it will spring the beginning surge of the Honeybees that love to come and visit the Bluebeard and Sage. And the lovely Hummingbird Moths that will feast on the prolifent flowers of the Butterfly Bushes. The Robins and Bayli's that eat the fruits of the Currant bushes-so tiny yet so delicious.
beginning blooms of the Snowball Bushblooms on the Amur Maples
ever so tiny blooms on the Currant Bushes

Seeing the shoots of the Hostas gets me filled with warmth and relaxation. Every year as they mature, they arrive sooner and sooner. I can't wait for their blooms to come this summer. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy them with an adjacent paved area rather than the empty barren dirt that sits like a scar, reminding us of all that we have accomplished and the baby steps away from being completed.
The plant that I believe Jed and I have both been most excited about, is our beautiful Cut-leaf Lilac. It is perfect for our Xeriscaped yard. It has a more desert-like appearance than other varieties, and seems to be hardier in the drier climate. It maintains it's gorgeous green hue throughout the summer, unlike the other Lilacs in our yard that seem to get overheated and dry looking. It bares gorgeous blooms that have a more spindly look.
We have been very tempted to take out our other Lilacs and replace them with these lovely's. Unfortunately it has also proven to be a harder plant to find. It was a happened-upon pick from my dad's greenhouse. He doesn't even remember anything about it when we inquire if he has more. I guess we might have to venture to our favorite little Southern Utah nursery to see if they might have some.

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  1. So much color. You have such a deep appreciation of your yard. I agree the Gambles should come on earlier. I have been hearing (from those that document the leafing of the Gambel) that it is at least a week later than last year. WTF!


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